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Copper Bathtub Installation Guide

Copper Bathtub Installation Guide

The Copper Bathtub Installation Guide aims to give you step by step instructions so that you understand the process of installation of copper bathtub.

All of our copper bathtubs are skillfully hand-hammered and carefully finished by the finest Indian artisans and coppersmiths. Each bathtub is hand-tested multiple times to ensure no leaks and perfect performance.

Since bathtubs are handmade so variations in dimensions can occur. So we recommend to do all the installation procedures listed down below once you have your bathtub delivered to you.

So lets start with the steps you need to do with your copper bathtub, Drain+Overflow Kit & Waste Drain.

Copper Bathtub

  1. Gather the products being installed and the tools you will need. Installing drain and faucets is recommended before pacing the tub.
  2. Install the drain and overflow drains onto the bathtub as per the drain and overflow kit instruction.
  3. Install the faucets per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Place the bathtub in desired location and mark exact location on the floor.
  5. Run the drain pipes through the floor and attach to the plumbing. This step is best handled by a professional.

Drain + Overflow Kit

  1. Loosely assemble selected freestanding bathtub waste drain or overflow kit onto bathtub (leaving off the tailpipes at this time).
  2. Determine water line locations for selected bathtub filler. Tub faucet may need to be assembled prior to tub installation.
  3. Place bathtub in final location and mark exact location on the floor.
  4. Rough-In final plumbing waste drain and water lines into proper locations. We recommend using OS&B (#ITD35) rough-in kit. This kit is designed to work with most freestanding bathtubs and makes plumbing rough-in fast and easy, and ensures a watertight connection.

Waste Drain & Rough-In

  1. Final waste drain and waterline rough-in’s should be completed and flooring should be finished. Ensure bathtub is properly supported and level.
  2. Double check bathtub faucet installation requirements before final bathtub installation.
  3. Apply thread sealant or plumbers tape to any threaded connections that do not have rubber gaskets.
  4. Apply plumbers putty to underside of drain flange and thread through the bathtub and into drain pipe.
  5. Ensure waste drain and overflow is securely connected to bathtub.
  6. Place tub back into desired location and verify that bathtub is level. If using recommended rough-in kit (#ITD35), the tub will need to be lifted approximately 8” before lowering into final position.
  7. Finish installation by running a bead of silicone adhesive around the base of copper freestanding bathtub where applicable to create a watertight seal.
  8. Allow sealants and adhesive to thoroughly dry before filling bathtub with water. Consult sealant and adhesive manufacturers for dry times, as they may vary.

That’s all there is to the installation of freestanding copper bathtub.

Going forward you need some instructions on care and maintenance of your beautiful copper bath. You can read them here.

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