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Copper Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

In this definitive copper kitchen sink buying guide you will learn about things you need to know to make an informed buying decision for a copper kitchen sink.

Copper is a precious expensive metal. Hence you would definitely want to do some research before investing your money in an expensive copper kitchen sink. We recommend reading this copper kitchen sink buying guide.

Before making a purchase make sure you have clear understanding of following unique characteristics of copper kitchen sinks.

The Gauge of Copper Kitchen Sink

Always check the Gauge number of copper kitchen sink. The Gauge is the thickness of copper sheet used to manufacture the copper kitchen sink.
Lower gauge number indicates that a thicker copper sheet is used to manufacture the sink.
Generally copper sink in 16 or 17 gauge is considered the best as the thickness is sufficient for kitchen sink purposes and also cost effective. You can go for 15 gauge or 14 gauge but that will definitely make it more expensive.16 Gauge

The higher gauge number like 17 or 18 gauge will make the sink cheaper but that will mean you will have a sink made of thin copper sheet which will be more prone to denting and deformation.

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The Patina of Copper Kitchen Sink

As Copper Kitchen Sink starts ageing , they will develop rich dark tone known as Patina. You might have seen effect in old copper coins developing warm brown colour. This is perfectly normal and in-fact the property of copper. The Patina is the “Living Finish” as it is ever changing and keeps evolving.

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While some customers who understand the patina process of copper love the way their kitchen sink evolve in coloration as it age, there are others who are unaware of the property of copper and blame it on the manufacturer. Patina or Living Finish of the copper is its natural property and should not be considered a defect. This in-fact is a proof of the fact that the sink is a pure copper sink.

The Purity of Copper used to manufacture copper kitchen sink.

Always buy your kitchen sink from manufacturer/supplier who promises or guarantees that the purity of copper used for manufacture the kitchen sink is not less than 99%.

Coppersmith Creations guarantees its customers that the purity of copper used to manufacture their products is always greater than 99% and can even provide the lab test certificate of the same if required to support their claim.

Why is Lacquer required?

Many manufacturers offer copper kitchen sinks is variety of finishes by chemically treating copper to give it a unique finish and look. The lacquer is a protective top coating on the sink to preserve its finish.

Although lacquer will slow down the patina process of copper sink for considerable amount of time however it is not a full proof solution as its effect will slowly and gradually fade away and then patina will happen eventually giving your sinks a different look.
We therefore recommend our customers to go for an antique finish in copper products.

Why is hammering done on copper kitchen sinks.

Copper kitchen sink surfaces are generally available in hammered versions. The hammering is a process wherein a consummate copper artisan beats up the sheet of copper with his hammer forming a hammered pattern on the surface of copper sheet. This process strengthens the copper sheet and provides a unique handcrafted touch to the product. Additionally, since copper is a very soft metal prone to scratches, the hammering aims to create irregular surface which does not give enough smooth surface for scratches to become evident.

Avoid Lead content in Copper Kitchen Sink.

The cheaper copper kitchen sinks raises the risk of containing lead which is really harmful for humans. You should always buy from the manufacturers/suppliers who guarantees that percentage content of lead in the copper sheet is zero.

Coppersmith Creations guarantees its customers that their copper products are 100% lead free and can furnish the lab test certificate to support their claim for the same if required.

Avoid Soldered Copper Kitchen Sink

Always check with the manufacturer weather they use soldering method or welding method to join the metal pieces of the copper sink. You should always avoid buying copper kitchen sinks made with soldering method and should instead opt for the sinks made with welding process. The soldered seams in a copper kitchen sink will turn grey with time and eventually leak. Additionally since the soldered compounds contain lead content, this can pose a serious health risks.

We at Coppersmith Creations use welding procedure to join the seams of the copper sink, so you can feel safe about the risks of leakage any health issues.

The Size of the Drain Opening

The size of the drain opening is an important factor to consider while making your buying decision for the copper kitchen sink. You should consider the fact that since your are investing in a product that comes with a lifetime warranty chances are that at some point in time you might need to replace the waste/drain of the sink. At that time you will go around market buying the waste drain for your sink that matches the size of the drain hole of your sink. Having a drain hole size that is standard makes it easy to find the replacement waste/drain anytime there is a congestion requiring you to replace it with a new one.

Coppersmith Creations kitchen sinks comes with a standard 3.5 inch diameter drain hole for which you will easily find a replacement waste/drain in your local market.

A good reason to consider copper kitchen sink over other materials – Antimicrobial Nature

Copper by its inherent nature is antimicrobial which means that it does not provide favorable conditions for bacteria to breed and replicate on its surface. This is one of the major reasons why copper kitchen sinks are now a days is a preferred choice of customers over their counterpart more cheaper steel or ceramic sinks.

Factors affecting cost of copper kitchen sink.

The cost of copper kitchen sink depends on the factors listed down below:

  • Place of Make: Copper kitchen sinks are generally manufactured in India. Most of the retailers in USA or any other part of the world import these products from India. They then add up their freight costs, marketing cost, and profit margins. This eventually becomes the cost that you pay for the sink.
    Coppersmith Creations is the only retailer that has its manufacturing facility in India. We imports our products from our own manufacturing facility in India and sell directly to customers in USA. This cuts down the unnecessary middle man. Therefore we are able to give you superior quality copper products at much lower prices from its USA competitors.
  • Gauge/Thickness of copper sheet used: We have already discussed this above. The lower the gauge number, thicker & more durable your copper kitchen sink will be. Coppersmith Creations recommends copper kitchen sinks in 16 or 17 gauge. It will give you the best of both world in terms of cost effectiveness and gauge/thickness for durability.
  • Quality of the craftsmanship: Copper artisans in India are famous for their craftsmanship. Coppersmith Creations brings to you the products manufactured by the finest craftsmen at unbeatable prices.

Care & Maintenance of Copper Kitchen Sinks

Many people have a misconception that copper kitchen sinks are a high maintenance products. Contrary to this they are a low-maintenance product . Rinsing and occasional cleaning with normal soap and water is all that you need. That’s all there is about care and maintenance of your copper sink.

Is waxing of copper kitchen sink required?

Kitchen sink with polished shiny finishes already comes with a lacquer protective coating. Lacquer aims to protect the finish of the sink. Essentially it delay the natural ageing process also called the Patina or the Living finish of copper. So, it is not really necessary to wax your copper kitchen sink. Although you can do so to further delay the natural patina process but eventually patina is inevitable.

Our Presence in USA & India

Coppersmith Creations also operates sell these products in USA & India aside from selling in UK. Landed on this page from USA or India? You might want to check out our country specific sites at links down below:

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